Initially founded as BEKDIK in 1995, has a new vision and mission now thanks to the technology investments made in the first quarter of 2013.

Leaving 20 years behind, the most important feature of our company that makes us stand out in a crowd of competitors is undoubtedly our traceable quality policy. With this aim, we present our background at your disposal in both professional and social life through our own vision in order to make traceable quality sustainable.

Today, as competition conditions are increasing day by day, we offer you tailor-made solutions to increase your productivity by providing effective use of equipment. Among our services, we have many solutions for RMS, Contracted Charging Stations, floor solutions, Smart Home and Office Solutions and automation.

To give brief descriptions,

Ground Adjustment
BBX Floor Shaver, produced with perfect harmony of Turkish and German engineering for effective operation of Narrow Corridor Stacking Machines (VNA), ensures that the ground is shaved to the desired standard in accordance with the VDMA guidelines ((Verband Deutscher Mashinen- und Anlagenbau) on “grounds for use of narrow corridor forklifts (VNA)” incorporating the latest Ground standards.

With the RMS “Resource Management System”, you can see maintenance plans, fault histories, improper usage, user-based On-Line follow-up, processes and materials to be applied in the next maintenance plan of a machine or construction equipment in your plant through CAN-bus access.
With its powerful reporting infrastructure, you can easily access time and operating cost details.

We are providing surplus value to your business with Electric Substructure, Ventilation Systems, Modular Shelf Systems, Automatic and Semi Automatic Battery Exchange Systems in accordance with the current occupational health and safety norms for the charging areas of the stacking machines, whose importance increases in every company.

With Smart Home and Office Systems, you can monitor and control any movements in your office through a single system. You can even route all your data from your smartphone. You can activate internal and external alarm systems, and use emergency access services such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Department.

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